Financial Support


This is my main support page where you can find all the information you need to partner with me in my ministry in Spain.

I am asking you to partner with me as I serve and work among university students in Spain. The partnership has three components; Prayer, Encouragent, and Financial Support. I would love it if you were able to join with me in all three aspects, but if you can only commit to one of these that would still be great!

Please continue to read to find out more information about each part.


Prayer is so important; I know that I can’t do this on my own and that it is only through God that I have come this far. Through prayer we bring our praises and requests to God, who is able to do much more than we could ever imagine. By partnering with me through prayer, you are committing to regularly pray for me and with me, using my prayer letter and updates as a guide. This first element of partnership is key, praising God for what He is doing in Spain and praying that He would continue to make Himself known among Spanish students.

I will be sending out prayer letters every three months, but then also shorter updates prayer points every month. Please click here to subscribe to my prayer letter, either by email or post.



I know that these next two years are not going to be easy and straightforward; things are going to go wrong. I am also going to get homesick and will miss everyone and life back in the UK. This is where the second element of the partnership comes in: Encouragement. Just knowing that I have people who are supporting me and thinking about me is real encouraging! Partnering with me through encouragement may involve sending me a message from time to time to say hi, keeping updated with what I am doing, coming out to visit me in Spain if you have the time…basically just remembering me and telling me that you are remembering me!

One way you can do this is through my private Facebook support group which will have all the most up to date information on what I am doing etc. The link can be found at the top of this page.


14918371_mlFinancial Support

Many people ask me how I am going to finance these two years in Spain. Good question! Basically I am raising financial support, mostly from individuals who believe in what I am doing and want to show their support, and also from some churches. This is often the way that missionaries raise the funds that they need, through the generous support of others in the Church. All my financal support goes through my fund within European Christian Mission (ECM) as this is the easiest way to manage it all.

If you want to help support me financially, I would really appreciate it. There are a number of ways in which you can do so, outlined below.

Please make it clear on the donation that it is going to Aislinn Duffy, as if you don’t include my name, they will instead assume that your donation is for ECM in general.

ONLINE BANKING: Standing orders or one-off donations
For those of you who use online banking, it may be much easier to simply use the ECM Ulster Bank details shown on the ECM standing order form to either set up a standing order or make a one-off donation from your own online banking.

Important: In the ‘reference’ text for both your bank statement and ECM’s bank statement, include your initials/surname and A.DUFFY  in order for ECM to know that the donations are designated for, and the initial/surname  of who the donations are from.  For example:  J.SMITH 4 A.DUFFY  or J.S 4 A.DUFFY.
If you would prefer to make the donation anonymous, don’t include your own initials/surname in the reference.

POST: Standing orders or one-off donations
For postal forms, either print the ECM standing order form, or ring the ECM office to request that they send out a form in the post, complete it and post it to ECM Ireland at the address on the form.

ECM webpage
ECM have a number of ways in which you can donate at their donation webpage.
IMPORTANT: If you donate through then please also email ECM separately to inform them of who the donation is designated to, since this method does not include anywhere to include a ‘reference’.  It might be more straightforward to donate using online banking (see above) if you can.