Prayer letter #10 March 2019

The GBU Spain staff team (GBU, GBE, GBG and office staff) at our retreat in January

Hey everyone,
I hope you are all keeping well! It is a joy for me to write to you and share what God has been doing these last few months here in GBU Barcelona. I hope that these stories inspire and give you a glimpse into life as a staff worker here in Catalonia and Aragon. God is good, He is working in my life and in the lives of the students here and transforming us into His likeness. It is a privilege to be part of this and to see His Kingdom advance here in Spain.

Life in Castelldefels
God has blessed me richly with my flatmates and my church community here in Castelldefels. When we first moved to the flat we said that we wanted God to use it, and we have seen Him do just that! The door is always open and we have found that this is a place where people feel that they can come just to be with someone, to share, to laugh, to cry and to pray. It is really beautiful to be living church in community and sharing life with church family not just on a Sunday but during the week too. Since November we have been doing a seeker Bible study in the flat with two friends on a fortnightly basis. We have just finished studying seven encounters with Jesus in the Gospel of John and they want to continue to meet up and study more about Jesus. It is so exciting how they want to learn more and see God pursuing them!

Staff worker retreat 2019
Thank you for all the prayers over this week as I really felt that God was going before me, giving me the energy and concentration during the intense conference that it was. It is always such a blessing being able to come together as a GBU family, to go deeper in God’s word and share with each other. In the retreat the National Coordination shared with us the reality of the number of field staff workers in Spain, and that from this month on there are only eight field staff workers for GBU University (as shown in the map below). The harvest is plenty but the workers are few and this is so true in this ministry. Please join with me in praying that God would raise up more staff workers and the necessary financial support for them.

Support update
Thank you to all of you who have generously supported me over these last two years and who continue to do so. Many of you have been asking me recently how I am doing in terms of finance. I am currently on 65% of my total for this year. To get me up to 100% this looks like 30 people giving £25 a month. If you would like to support me financially or know more about how to help please do get in contact with me or with the ECM Ireland office ( ).
During May I am planning on being back in the UK for a few weeks to support raise and so if you would like to meet up and have a chat about how you can partner with me and join my support team please do contact me as it would be great to grab a coffee and have a chat about it.

Training student leaders and GBE
Throughout the year we have three Saturday training sessions with the student leaders, with a focus on growing in character, competence and conviction. In February we had our second meeting and I lead a session on “Chosen by grace”, in which we explored how we are to live and lead having grace as the base and the difference this makes in our life and leadership, knowing that we are first chosen by Him, in Him we have our identity, we are accepted by Him, and from this basis we serve. When talking to one of the student leaders after the training, she shared how she had never fully understood the relationship between saved by grace and doing works in the life of a Christian and it was something that had always been a bit of a worry for her, but that after studying at it in the leaders training, it finally all made sense!

Since October I have been helping to coordinate the Scripture Union group (GBE) here in Barcelona. Once a month we hold a meeting on a Saturday afternoon for those of secondary school age where we have a time of games, food, and either a short talk or workshop on a various topics all with the focus on how to share our faith with our classmates. Over the months we have seen numbers growing, from 10 students back in October to 32 last month! It is a real joy to see the students coming and learning about how to share their faith where God has placed them, and to see the numbers grow as more students receiving this encouragement and training.

Next few months…
At the end of March we have the GBU committee handover and then the last weekend of March is the National AGM in Madrid. This is a time where students come as delegates from all the local groups across Spain to participate in the decisions being made at a national level. It is always an encouraging time, seeing how God is moving in different parts of the country and how the students are boldly and creatively stepping out and sharing their faith. We have a good number of students from Barcelona and Zaragoza going this year which is encouraging!One first year student, M, attends GBU Zaragoza but studies in Huesca, where currently there is no GBU group. She is excited to attend the conference to see what God is doing across Spain and to share the vision of seeing GBU formed in her university campus.

In April we are hoping to put on the Mark Drama, a 90 minute representation of the Gospel of Mark. As some of you will remember, we planned on doing this drama last year but we didn’t have enough students to participate. This time we have the 15 students and have already starting learning the script. This is always a fantastic event to which invite friends where they hear and see the gospel acted out before them.

Praise and prayer points:

Praise God for how He is using this flat for His mission and for the seeker Bible study that we have fortnightly here.
Praise God for GBE and for how many high school students are coming along and taking part.
Praise God for the opportunity to teach the students on leading and living from grace and how God used the preparation to speak to me too.
Please pray for the upcoming Mark drama (25-29 April). For permission to perform in the University Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona and for many students to come and respond to the gospel message.
Please pray over different pastoral challenges that we are facing as staff in GBU; prayer for wisdom and godly guidance would be very much appreciated.
Please pray over financial support and for my home visit in May; that God would provide the necessary support for the coming year and more people would join in partnering with me in this ministry.

“No longer will they teach their neighbour, or say to one another, “Know the Lord,” because they will all know me, from the least of them to the greatest,’ declares the Lord.” Jeremiah 31:34

Aislinn Duffy
Staff worker Catalonia and Aragon+34 675891348




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