Welcome to my mission support website! This website is basically to keep you all up to date with what I am doing as I work with GBU Barccelona. Here I am going to be posting various updates as well as prayer letters during my time out in Spain.

Thank you for all your interest and support, I really appreciate it!

Aislinn xx

Prayer letter #8 October 2018

New academic year, new role, new challenges, new flat…all very exciting!

Hey everyone,

I have to apologise for how long it has taken me to write this latest update! It is now the first week of October and I have settled into the rhythm of work again here in Barcelona. I had a really relaxing month of August back at home in Belfast and returned well-rested and excited to see what God has planned for this new academic year.

September was full of changes as I started as Staff Worker with GBU and also moved flat. I am now living in Castelldefels, just outside Barcelona, the town where my church is. Many of you will remember the long search for a flat when I first moved here, well this time the search was a lot faster and smoother. Praise God for His provision!

He completely went before me and Mireia (my new flatmate) and people from church have been really generous helping us to move in and getting furniture and things sorted.

We are still looking for a third girl to move in with us and would appreciate prayer over this. But praise God for this move and for how I am already feeling a lot more settled now that I am out of the busyness of Barcelona city centre.

Team for Catalonia and Aragon

This year is different and exciting; not only am I starting now as Staff Worker, with more responsibilities than these last two years, but the team has also grown this year as Juan Pablo, a staff worker in the south of Spain, got married in September and has moved up to Barcelona. The team has gone from one field staff worker (Isma) to three. Praise God for this exciting new team in the region of Catalonia and Aragon.

Please pray for team dynamics and for good communication between us all. It is a real blessing and privilege for me to be working with Juan Pablo, Isma and Dorcas (the team leader here and my supervisor). I  am constantly learning from them and am challenged by their faith, their experience on the field and their love for the students. Please pray for the south of Spain as, now that Juan Pablo has moved, there is a big area and many student groups left with no staff worker. Please pray that God would raise up more staff workers across Spain for His mission reaching university students.


This year I will be continuing with the GBU group in Mundet and also will be looking after the group in Zaragoza. This is a city  300km (190 miles) from Barcelona. I plan to visit the group there every two months and also be in regular contact with the leaders (Sara, Lidia and Sarai) via Skype during the week.

Training student leaders

In September we had a weekend away with the student leaders of Catalonia and Aragon, and it was a really encouraging start to the term as all of the leaders from Barcelona and one from Zaragoza were able to attend. We spent the weekend studying Jesus’ prayer in John 17 and looking at growing in conviction, character and competence. Please continue to pray for these students as they seek to lead and inspire others in their group to share the gospel with their classmates.

In October we have another weekend away, this time for all students in the two regions. This is a key weekend as we share the vision of GBU with the students, many of whom are new this year. Pablo Martínez is going to be speaking on how our identity is in Christ and how this impacts and motivates us to share the gospel.

Mission weekNovember 2018

GBU Barcelona is organising a week of evangelistic talks at the beginning of November. This is going to be big, with various international and Spanish speakers. We are hoping to put up a tent in the main university square where we can hold the talks and the evening activities. This is unlike anything we have ever done before in GBU BCN and prayer for all the organising and preparation would be really valued.

Please pray that God would take all our efforts and plans and that He would be glorified through it all. Please pray that He would be preparing the hearts of the students who will listen to the evangelistic talks and that we would see lives changed during this week. Please pray for salvation across the university campus.

Praise and prayer points:

  • Praise God for how I am settling into my role as staff worker and for how I can really see Him going before me and teaching me.
  • Praise God for providing a new flat, for the ease of the move and for the blessing of church community.
  • Please pray for the different evangelistic activities we have planned this semester, for Mission Week and the follow-up of students wanting to know more.
  • Praise God for the staff team here in GBU Barcelona.
  • Please pray that we would increasingly grow in wisdom and Christ-centred leadership as we seek to equip and accompany the students.