Prayer letter #6 October 2017

Hey everyone,

So I am back in Barcelona again, just having finished a month of my second year as student worker with GBU. As I got back in September it was a real “hit the ground running” kind of moment but now I feel like I am getting back into the swing of things here.

As I am sure many of you are aware, things have been very tense politically this last month in Spain and especially where I am in Catalunya. Basically Catalunya wants to be independent from Spain, a situation that has been long in the making, but recently has come to a head with the referendum that was held on the 1st of October. Politicians have really not been handling the situation well, with both sides lacking wisdom and integrity. Things seem to be calming down now, but there is still a lot of underlying tension. Please pray for the Church in Spain to stand out as we try to be salt and light in the midst of such a difficult time.

Thank you for praying over the GBU summer camp back in July! It was a really encouraging time with roughly 100 students attending. A highlight of the camp was the launching of Uncover John in Spanish – six seeker Bible studies going through the Gospel of John to discover who Jesus is for themselves. We  saw great fruit from Uncover Luke across Spain and are praying for God to do big things with Uncover John.

  As soon as I got back in September, we started the term off with a training weekend away for the student leaders across Catalunya and the different groups in Barcelona. Though we were quite pushed for time, Isma (field staff worker in Barcelona) and I were able to get everything organised and the students really enjoyed it. We studied the book of Nehemiah, looking at the characteristics of a leader and what it means to serve in GBU. The GBU National Coordinator, Antonio Ruiz, came to support us and this was a real blessing as we needed the help and were also able to learn a lot from him. I was expecting to go and lead the students and that be it, but God really used the weekend to speak to me and to teach me new things, which I wasn’t expecting but was very much blessed by.

I am now just back from our general student weekend away in October where we had roughly 30 students attending. The theme was salt and light, a very relevant theme considering the current political situation! As the students listened to the teaching on Matthew 5 calling for us to be set apart they responded in prayer as they lifted up politicians both in Madrid and in Barcelona, praying for their salvation and for peace for this country. To see the students understand the beauty of the gospel message and be able to pray together despite their political differences was extremely powerful.

This weekend was also a real milestone for me as I was able to look back to the previous year when I had just arrived, was still finding my feet and had to co-lead a workshop while still being quite overwhelmed with it all. It was such an encouragement for me to see just how far God has brought me and how He has been teaching me more about Himself, and even just practical things like being able to stand up confidently and give a workshop to the students all in Spanish!

This first semester is always a busy time in terms of events and conferences but it has been great to get back into the swing of things with the students, starting up again with the student committee and working with the new relays of the student coordinators. This year again I have three groups, Bellvitge and Mundet like last year and also the GBU group in Tarragona. Having this new group is really exciting, despite it being situated some 90kms away! October also sees me starting with some subjects at IBSTE, a Bible College here in Barcelona. This semester I have two subjects; I’m really looking forward to studying here and being in a classroom again, as learning online last year just didn’t work practically for me.

I hope you have enjoyed this update of what life has been life since I got back. Thank you for partnering with me in this ministry! I do appreciate all your support. If you would like any more information in how to further partner with me in prayer or in financial support please send me a message and I would love to chat!

Lots of love,

Aislinn xx

Praise and prayer points:

  • Praise God for the launching of Uncover John in Spanish! Pray that many students would come to know Him through this resource.
  • Pray for Spain and Catalonia and the political tensions here. Pray for peace and for Christians across the country to remember that our citizenship is in Heaven and that we are to give our opinion in love.
  • Praise God for the start of the new academic year and for the new students who are being involved in GBU.
  • Please pray for me as I seek to encourage and equip the students, as I start studying again and also that God would lead me as I take decisions looking to the future.