Prayer letter #5 May 2017

Hey everyone,

So we are now just over half way into the second semester and lots has happened since I last wrote an update! Things are going really well here, very busy and intense but I am completely loving it. God is working in mighty ways in the students in Barcelona.

In February we had our Missions Week where we held different evangelistic events in one of the universities in Barcelona and also in a bookshop in town. Students were invited to a range of talks and conferences all with the slogan “Convinced?”. As well as the talks we had a stand in the university’s main square where many students stopped to see what we were doing and take part in the daily question that related to the evening talks. We had some encouraging responses from the students with around fifteen signing up to study Uncover with us after Mission Week, although many of these students have since declined starting the seeker bible study due to various excuses.  Please pray for these students, that they would continue to seek God and wouldn’t lose interest.

March saw us handing over to a new student committee as well as having a student leaders camp for those in leadership in GBU Barcelona. This was a great time of training for the students as we learnt about the different characteristics of a leader through the example of Ezra in the Old Testament and then looking at how to apply this to our context. At this camp I led a workshop for the students on how to motivate others. I was really pleased with how it went and I could really see myself growing in the role as I prepared the material and also leading it for the students. This was a real blessing as it was one of those points where I could look back and see that a few months ago I wouldn’t have been prepared to do this but now I am. God is working in me and teaching me a lot!

As I am writing this update I am just back from attending Presence, an IFES Europe student conference in Germany. It was really encouraging to see 2,000 students passionate for God and for evangelism and wanting to learn more from His Word. We were 90 in total from GBU Spain and it was a real eye-opening experience for the students as they saw how mission is greater than just their university campus, Barcelona or Spain, but that they are part of something so much bigger and that it is all for His glory.

So one of the highlights of my work here is the International GBU Group in Barcelona. It is such a joy to meet each week and be able to learn from these students and share life together. We have just finished studying the book of Daniel and looking at how Daniel, as a young person living in a foreign country/culture, did all things with integrity. It has been very challenging for me personally studying this book and seeing how Daniel lived with such faith and integrity although he faced many different trials and challenges in such a secular context.

Looking ahead to the next few months, May and June are pretty quiet as the students start exams and finish university. I will be back at home for a week or so in June to fundraise and catch up with people before coming back out for the GBU summer camp that we have in Valencia from the 17th to the 27th of July. The camp’s theme this year is Goodness, Truth and the Power of the Gospel. Michael Ots is going to be speaking at the first half of the camp, which is aimed at student leaders with specific teaching on mission, and then Esteban Figueirdo will be talking at the second half which is the national GBU camp for all students. At the camp there will be a variety of workshops and seminars and I am going to be leading one of these on how to do an Inductive Bible Study. I would appreciate prayer as I get stuck into preparing the workshop later this month, that I would rely on God to guide me in this as I am again stepping out of my comfort zone here.

I hope you are encouraged as you read about what is happening in GBU Barcelona. Thank you for all your support, prayers and encouragement as you partner with me in this ministry!

Lots of love,

Aislinn xx

Praise and prayer points:

  • Praise God for all the activities over the last few months: missions week, the student leader training weekend and Presence in Germany. Praise Him for all we have learnt and pray that we would be able to put it into practice
  • Please pray for the students as they start exams; that they would continue to shine for God in the midst of the stress and that they would rest in Him.
  • Praise God for what He is doing here in Barcelona, in the lives of students both Christian and non-Christian.
  • Please pray as I prepare for the summer camp and the various preparation I have to do in the next few months. Please pray that I would do it all for Him and that I would continue to grow in faith, trust and knowledge of Him